Most British Army engagements over the last few decades have been conducted at night. We’ve been working on expanding the use cases for BattleVR; one of our latest developments is enhancing the scope for low-light level training. A night-vision device (NVD),  or night-vision goggle (NVG), is an optoelectronic tool that enhances the user’s night vision by enabling the visibility of pictures in dim light. These tools increase ambient visible light and transform near-infrared light into visible light that the user can perceive (image intensification). Heat imaging, which operates in a separate region of the infrared spectrum, is the term used to describe the viewing of infrared thermal radiation. An image intensifier tube, a protective casing, and possibly some sort of mounting system are the typical components of a night vision equipment.

The feedback we’ve had from British soldiers and those overseas is that low light training is key to their skillset – based on this, we’re developing BattleVR features to make this available in VR.

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