Why Train With A Firearms Simulator?

Simulated training is a great way to allow trainees to experience different combat environments as close to real life as they can get. This allows would-be marksmen to gain valuable training experience during a simulated combat scenario, which can help to put stress onto the user, allowing them to develop their skills as a marksman.

It also helps when it comes to improving their ability to act quickly under pressure, boost decision-making skills, leadership skills and critical thinking which are all incredibly valuable to be able to do clearly in a combat situation.

A project was run by the U.S Department of Defence that analysed marksmanship training. The analysis was conducted to carry out a comparison of the cost which is factored into simulated marksmanship training against the historically more traditional marksman training which used a combination of live fire rounds and rubber bullets.

Using a simulator to conduct marksmanship training resulted in being more cost-effective, due to the fact that no live ammunition is used.

What We Offer

Agincourt offers some of the top military-grade virtual combat training simulation hardware available, allowing the operator to experience the harsh and often highly dangerous reality of operator training.

Our systems can integrate with local training systems as well as battlefield simulations. All of our equipment is of extremely high quality and allows users to experience everything in a detailed and well thought out manner.

We are based in the UK, where gun laws are extremely strict, so live ammunition combat simulations or firing ranges are often not so easily accessible. Our simulated combat training presents an easy and long-term cost-effective solution.

Who Can Benefit From The Simulator?

Our world-class simulators, software and hardware are designed to specifically be used to aid with law enforcement training, where operators can practice target practice without having to use live ammunition.

The firearms simulator also allows law enforcement to experience firefights in a controlled and safe environment, whereby they can effectively be trained on how to act and what to do. Our simulator can also be used to military training, to help with both combat simulation, firefights and target practice without the need for live ammunition.

How To Get The Most Out Of The Simulator?

You can get the most out of your firearms simulator experience by firstly choosing a simulation that is relevant to the type of training you are intending to conduct. Start with smaller sessions first to help you get used to the equipment as well as things like movement whilst you are in the simulator.

Remember to remain calm and not to panic, it is just a simulation and not real life. Most importantly, have a bit of fun learning in groundbreaking combat simulation training.