Why Do We Need Simulators?

Deadly force training is essential because it helps officers understand what happens when they pull out their guns and shoot at suspects or deploy a taser in a busy environment. It also teaches them how to deal with different scenarios, such as when a suspect has a weapon. Key to any training is the ability to escalate pressure and stress, and simulators enable this to be done repeatedly and accurately. While it’s important that officers are trained in the use of equipment correctly, it is also critical that they learn how to handle themselves in stressful situations that mirror what they are likely to encounter on the streets.

Types of Simulators Used by Law Enforcement Agencies

There are two main types of simulators used by law enforcement agencies: screen-based simulators and virtual reality (VR) simulators. Screen-based simulators allow police officers to practice shooting at targets and video in a Powerpoint-type environment against a large projected image. VR simulators provide a more realistic environment than screen simulators but can be more complex. They give officers the ability to see themselves through a suspect’s eyes, giving them a better understanding of what would happen if they shot at a suspect.

Benefits of Using Force Simulation

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology found that using force simulation was associated with increased officer confidence and decreased fear of being killed during training. In addition, the study showed that officers trained using force simulation had lower rates of injury when dealing with suspects. Use of force simulators allow a more comprehensive range of training to be deployed to officers compared to traditional role-play lessons, this has benefits in speed and budget.


There are many different ways to train police officers, but one method that has been shown to be effective is the use of force simulation. This training allows officers to practice handling dangerous situations without actually putting themselves at risk. It also helps them develop better decision-making skills by allowing them to make split-second decisions under stressful circumstances.

Why Do You Need A Force Simulator?

In order to effectively train officers, there needs to be a realistic environment where they can learn how to react when faced with real-life scenarios. While some departments have access to firearms ranges, others do not. That’s why the use of force simulator is so important. These devices allow officers to safely practise using lethal force while being monitored by instructors who can provide feedback.

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