To become a member of a SWAT team requires a great deal of skill, strength, and mental fortitude. This footage from a Shenzen Special Police team exam follows a student through a challenging obstacle course that tests their power, agility, balance, speed, weapon handling, and even knot-tying skills.

The Beijing Special Weapons and Tactics Unit, also known as the Beijing Special Police Force or simply “Beijing SWAT,” is a police tactical unit in the People’s Republic of China that deals with incidents that are beyond the capabilities of regular patrol officers, such as hostage situations, high-risk warrants, and riot control. The force was tasked with many of the security obligations of the 2008 Summer Olympics, along with the Snow Leopard Commando Unit (SLCU). It is said to be one of the best-equipped and trained SWAT/Special Police Units in the Country. The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security has jurisdiction over the unit (MPS).