The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is creating a virtual future to help military leaders prepare for the threats of tomorrow.

The Museum of the Future uses virtual reality to immerse decision-makers in a world scientists predict will exist in the future.

The museum is designed to make them think about future environments and show what technology may be needed to mitigate any impact.

Innovative technologies, societal trends, and climate change are all coming together to generate new risks and opportunities, and organisations, agencies, and public bodies are facing an enormous task to keep up. It is possible to establish flexible solutions, build organisational resilience, and ultimately assure growth in the face of whatever future emerges by researching various possibilities. But how do we prepare for change when we can’t even predict the near future?

To address this problem, PA collaborated with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), the MOD’s science branch. To spearhead the creation of an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) platform, we used a combination of creativity, technological, commercial, and programme management capabilities.

The platform virtually ‘transports’ defence and security policymakers to the future, challenging their thinking and inspiring new approaches – in a way that written reports cannot. The outcome will be informed and imaginative defence policy that is more considerate of the potential futures generated by the rapid and dramatic changes in the world around us, and will help make the UK safer for future generations.

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