This year at IT²EC we’re launching  two new training tools: BattleVR-VBS4, a brand new integrated virtual reality firearms training system running on Bohemia Interactive Simulation’s class-leading VBS4 platform and HAWK, a 4k interactive command and control planning system based around the same VBS4 platform.

Incorporating 8k immersive technology and recoiling synthetic weapons, BattleVR firearms simulator enable the training teams to put units through repeated and meaningful training of CQB techniques and approaches.

Based on a massive multi-user 4k touch display interface, the HAWK synthetic interface allows unit commanders to monitor and observe the simulated environment and make use of simulation controls to interact in real-time.

“Working closely with armed forces both here and overseas we’re extremely proud to be demonstrating some of our latest technology here at ITEC” says Richard Davies, MD at Agincourt. “ Working with our partners, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, we’re already receiving great feedback and we’re looking forward to exploring more opportunities in the future..